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Jen LOST 31.9 lbs of fat and GAINED 7lbs of muscle as a result of proper nutrition and training just 3 times a week. 

Starting at 30.99% bodyfat and 178lbs, Jen dropped to 15.1% bodyfat at 152lbs in 24 weeks!!  

Jennifer Rice


I started with Eric at 205 pounds and 28% body fat.  After 1 year checked in at 180 pounds and 15% body fat.  I no longer deal with the daily aches of getting older. I feel better than I have in years.  If you are looking for a trainer that will help guide you thorough all aspects of improving your life I highly recommend you give Eric a try."

Mike Appleton, DDS


At 56, I decided to start working out again.  I weighed 177lbs and was 41.8% body-fat.  Now, I'm weighing 166.6lbs and am 30% body-fat at 57.  I lost 23lbs of fat and gained 12.5lbs of muscle. Absolutely incredible. And one last thing...I swing the 55lb Kettlebell for reps.

Susie Annette Finley


During my years of working out, i've trained with all kinds people, but none like  Eric. Eric has a way of bringing out the inner beast in anyone. For a long time i would make excuses on why i wouldn't do certain exercises until Eric explained how staying in your comfort zone won't produce results. Not only was that something that inspired me to try new routines in the gym but also in my personal life. But moments like that with Eric cant even scratch the surface of the conversations we have had over the years. If you need a friend, he's there. If you need a pep talk, he'll pump you up. If you need a personal trainer, he will push you body to levels you never thought it can go. Young, old, newbies, athletic, there's nothing you wont learn from a day training with Eric, i guarantee it!!!!

Carl James

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